We are developing an

AI-driven digital networking app 

to help you meet valuable people at conferences and events based on your business needs. 

Network with the right people.

Event Organizers
" You want to see your attendees and exhibitors win!"
  • Create marketing programs to drive event registrations for all your current and upcoming events.

  • Give your attendees and exhibitors an algorithm-driven digital experience as you have them engage based on real business needs. 

  • Do all of this while measuring outcomes and integrating event data across platforms.

Jungo Ambassador
" Get Jungo in your City "
  • Make your networking experience, smoother, faster and more fun 

  • Meet the right people to do business with 

  • Be a part of the Jungo Community

  • Become a brand ambassador for Jungo 

  • Be involved in a new way of business networking 

  • Introduce Jungo in your company

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