An Unconference - a new way of connecting

Scrolling through the internet, reading articles about innovation in networking, I saw that there is a new way of event organizing on the rise: The "unconference".

This concept started out in Stockholm by Johan Jörgensen. He says an unconference is about tearing down boundaries for meetings between people. An "unconference" is trying to be the opposite of a conference. Its content is not organised by leaders but by the attendees. There are no planned panels but the attendees can shape their own round table discussions.

“We had speakers for two years running before we realised it was completely pointless. The people did not attend to listen to speakers but to talk to each other.”

Instead of participants being passive spectators, unconferences are designed so people can come up with new ideas, try out ideas on others and share experiences.

“This is about tearing down boundaries for meetings between people”

Unconferences are not (yet) as big within the startup sector as one might imagine. Most conferences are more or less based on having well-known speakers, founders and experts to tell the audience the lessons learned from building their unicorns or how to really build that success that so many dream of. The reason early-stage startups attend these events is most often to network.

It is also the purpose of Jungo networking app to remove boundaries of people connecting with each and put the power of the event experience back into the hands of the attendee. Maybe we should organize an unconference as well? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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