Books are food for the brain.

Reading enables a 360-degree growth of an individual. It develops your thought process, expands your viewpoints and keeps your mind active. The importance of reading in a child’s life has been identified as a key area of its development.

Books are often referred to as the best friends of humans. This is mainly because of its capability to carry thoughts and feelings unlike anything else. It is the only place where you can see the power of imagination unleash without any barrier. Apart from that, it is a fun exercise and a great means to be informed.

The warm and fresh smell of a newly purchased book is the right way to begin reading a book. Let that smell open up a portal for you, a portal into the world of magic and learning.

Before learning how to read, it is more important to pick the right book. Start with identifying your goal behind reading a book. While some books are meant for inspiration, some are for a fun break, others are for a serious read. So, pause, reflect on your mood and then shortlist the best picks in that genre.

Books contain stories, characters, and situations, each with its own set of features, both good and bad. It familiarizes you with the thoughts of the author and in the process unfolds the depth of your thought process.

Books give you an escape from the hustle-bustle of your daily life and act as a breather. The feeling is better experienced than explained.

You understand people better, learn to accept the different stages of life and be gentle towards other’s viewpoints. All of this because you read and comprehend other’s experiences.

So go grab a book today and enjoy the goodness it brings.

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