Building Lasting Relationships in Business

Networking starts with being yourself. A lot of people go to events and think they have to play a certain role in order to make a connection. This feels like hard work and makes the process less fun. The key is to just be your authentic self and turn superficial connections into long lasting business relationships.

Form a mentoring relationship

Every entrepreneur or professional can benefit from the perspective of another business person. So entering into a mentoring relationship is a way to brainstorm with each other about things you’re dealing with. Asking someone to be your mentor can be a really great way to start working together more frequently.

Turn existing connections into productive relationships

We all have friends and family in our circle. Often we don’t know how much of help they can be to achieve our goals. Take time to get in contact with them and see if there is a chance to create a win-win business relationship.

Online connections

Make it a habit to connect with people in professional online groups on LinkedIn or Facebook. Share articles and engage in the discussions. This helps establish online connections which can turn into lasting face-to-face business connections.

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