Finding the right people to do business with at a conference

It can be a real challenge to find the right people to do business with when you are at a conference. First of all, the event schedule is often packed. Although many of us go to conferences to learn new things and get updated on the latest innovations in our field. The real reason we go to events is to make a solid connection when we meet one another face-2-face. However, we often are sitting in a room and have no clue who could really benefit us and vice versa. Maybe these tips can help you out a bit.

Check the conference attendance list

Most conferences have an attendee list, whether it is printed or digitally available, make sure to take a look and see who could be of interest to you. Try to already connect with people who are of interest to you on social media so that you can set a meeting at the event. Yes, it requires some time but it can make your ROI a lot higher!

Actively seek like-minded people

Many large conferences have workshops or break-out sessions. Sign up for them. When you enter the room and take a seat, make sure to introduce yourself to the people who are sitting next to you. There is a huge chance that they have similar interests and you can help each other out.

Event app

Many events have apps in which you can see the schedule or reach out to other attendees. Make sure you download the event app in advance and use it during sessions where you maybe don’t have to pay as much attention. One of the biggest reasons people go to conferences is to network and meet the right people to do business with. However, often you are sitting in a big room and have no clue who could be of value to you. The person that could provide you that career-changing deal could be just sitting 3 rows behind you without you even realizing it! That’s why we developed Jungo, our software is AI-driven and gives you suggestions to make the connections that can be of most value to you.

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