How to network your way to success

The thought of being at a networking event can make many people break a sweat. However, it is not a very complicated thing. It all starts with a good introduction. Hereby 4 ways to get the conversation going.

Leave your title out of your introduction

Introducing all starts with a simple 'Hi' followed by your name. Leave the title at the office when attending networking events. Littering your opening line with a long, complicated title is confusing and self-promoting and it wastes valuable introduction time.

Ask why they are there

Then proceed to ask right away how the person got to know about te event. This will give you a lot of information right away about their purpose and how you can add value to them and vice versa.

Prepare A One-Sentence Pitch

Craft one sentence that concisely describes who you are and what you do. Then create a question around it that you can ask others about how they are achieving success in that area.

Try not to stay too long in a conversation

If you know some people at the event, make meaningful introductions. Introduce two people and explain why you think they should connect. They’ll start to converse, you can say, “Would you excuse me?” and then go find another person to chat up. Try not to stay in one conversation for too long.

Get out of your comfort zone and get going with these networking tips!

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