How To Not Get Lost When Planning an Event

Organizing an event is a very intensive and personal process. It is up to you how you want to manage your event. Think about how you like to organize information and create a system that works for you. Let's help you with a couple steps to make your event planning life a bit easier.

Have a theme

It starts simply. Have a theme. A plan. A goal. Your event has a purpose from the beginning, which will drive content, speakers, and the venue. It’s part of the event management planning process and a key first step.

Set Reminders to Check-In on and Start Projects

Email is wonderful, even more so because it’s trackable, but it’s easy to lose track of a conversation when someone doesn’t reply. When you send out emails, always set a deadline for a response. If you work with Gmail there is a nice automatic follow up system in place, and probably other e-mail clients have the same. Set a reminder for yourself to check-in on that date. That way, if the person you reached out to forgets to respond, you won’t realize too late that you never got a response.

Organize All of Your Folders – Email and Files

This is something a lot of people tend to forget. When you run multiple events throughout the year, file organization is key. The more organized the back office. The better the event will be. Set up folders at the start of every event. By taking the time to set up a file structure, you’ll be able to find documents more quickly later on. As the event unfolds, don’t get lazy. Always, sort everything into the correct folders.

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