How To Plan an Event in Another City or Country

It is already a huge undertaking to organize an event in your hometown. You know the locations, you have a sense of the vibe and the type of people that will visit the event. Still it stays a challenge. Imagine organizing an event in a place you hardly know. Let's help you get started.

Search for local venues

When planning an event in another city or country one of the most important steps to take is to research venues in the area. Try to reach out to your contacts on LinkedIn for example and see if they know any event planners in the area. Those planners may be aware of the venues that best meet your need. It is not only about getting as many people as possible into a venue, the location needs to be easily reachable for visitors.

Connect with local vendors

By hiring local vendors for your sound systems, lightning etc, you’ll reduce the amount of equipment you’ll need to travel with, which ultimately minimizes the amount of preparation and break down required. However, you will need to thoroughly vet each vendor before agreeing to a contract.

Extra preparation

When traveling to a new city, you’ll need to ensure you have all the travel and lodging details ironed out for yourself and your team. Whether you stay at an Airbnb or choose a hotel, picking an option nearby the venue is your best bet. Event planning rarely goes exactly as planned. Even with all the details ironed out, it’s important to plan for the unexpected. When taking an event out-of-town, there are even more opportunities for things to go wrong. For this reason, it’s important to give yourself extra time to prepare. Whether that means arriving at the city a few days early or getting to the venue several hours ahead of time, setting aside several hours worth of free time in your schedule will give you the best chance to prepare.

Good luck planning your next event!

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