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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Conferences and business events are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You can go to an event to get to know new people and at the same time receive new information. There are many type of networking events. Hereby a couple of events you can keep an eye on.

1. Career fairs

Most career events are free and full of free workshops to learn new things. Off course career events are associated with people who are looking for a job. But even if you do not have a job, it is possible for you to expand your horizon and go talk to people in other branches.

2. Industry conferences

Industry conferences are a great way to meet people who are on the same wavelength as you. They're also a great place to mingle, learn new things, and get informed about industry trends that might help you excel your career. The downside to business conferences, however, is that they can be expensive. It's not unheard of to pay upward of $1,000 for a three-day event, and if your sole goal is to network, it may not be worth the money. This especially holds true for conferences that aren't local, as you'll also need to spend money on travel. However, it may be possible to find a conference where your employer can sponsor your attendance.

3. Local meet-up groups

Local meet-ups are a cost-effective way to get to know new people in your industry. There are several benefits to attending local meet-ups. First, they're often cheap or free. Secondly, there's no major cost or time commitment involved in traveling to get there. And finally, chances are, the people you're introduced to at those events will be local to your area, which makes staying in touch easy.

Source: FoxBusiness

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