Networking Hacks To Form Better Relationships

1. Formalize a mentoring relationship with someone you trust.

Every entrepreneur, especially an introvert, can benefit from the perspective of another businessperson, ideally one who has prior experience in the domain you are about to enter. Asking someone to be your mentor is not a sign of weakness, and most mentors love to help.

2. Turn existing connections into productive relationships.

We all know some people through friends, family, and social connections. Do your homework to determine which of these might be able to help, and make a sincere effort to turn these connections into win-win business relationships. That means proactively finding common exchanges of value.

3. Actively expand your business networking activities.

This doesn't mean randomly attending every networking event you can find, but it does mean joining and actively participating in a couple of entrepreneurs group in your area, such as a local business incubator.

4. Increase your visibility and expertise in your domain.

These days, by starting a blog or publishing on the internet, you don't have to be a social butterfly to get supporters and be recognized as an influencer. By helping others, and participating in online debates and industry events, you will find productive relationships emerge naturally with peers.

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