Networking Is Not Just Collecting Business Cards

Numbers game

At networking events there can be people who can be a bit too proactive. Some professionals make a competition of collecting cards at networking events. It sounds odd, but that’s how some approach their networking. It’s like a game of who can get the most cards, and it doesn’t make any sense. Collecting cards at a networking event is not networking -- it’s card collecting -- which is not a profitable way to build your business.

Be more selective

Let's dive into the purpose of business cards. It is a fast way to exchange information. With the intention to meet up with your contact on another occasion. Before you exchange business cards you actually should have a conversation in which it is apparent that it makes sense for you to swap cards. However, in daily 'networking life; people tend to exchange business cards as a friendly gesture without properly identifying if the person is the right fit.

Future contacts

It can be your intention to collect business cards to stay in touch with people whether or not they will be of real benefit to you. Off course with social media nowadays it is becoming more easy to keep people in your social database so to speak. By following them you can find out if you can be of value to each other in the future. Being at a face-2-face business event gives an opportunity to truly connect on a deeper level. This will bring more benefit than just mindlessly collecting cards. People are people, not numbers!

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