Opportunities To Easily Connect With Others

Networking events are all about, well, networking, yet some people seem to attend event after event without ever making a meaningful contact. It’s a pity if you go all the way out there and don’t have any useful interaction. So let’s get you started!

Come early

You do not have to show up four hours early to the next networking event, but even coming in a half-hour early means you have time to acclimate yourself to the room. When the next early bird gets there, you already have something in common to talk about.

Stay late

After a great conference, you might want to discuss the details speeches with a light bite or cocktail. There’s a good chance that people will be more relaxed at the end of an event. Starting a conversation will then be a lot simpler.  

Good Food

Most networking events serve some food. You can also start up a conversation with someone heading to the food table. Saying something light or goofy that requires no pressure to respond and makes the person next to you smile.


Asking for the wifi code is sometimes just a matter of breaking the ice and having something to talk about.

Talk to the speaker

After the keynote or introduction, say hi and introduce yourself to the speaker. Thank them if they’ve done a great job or ask them to clarify a point they made.

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