Organizing The Next Catchy Networking Event

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Event planning of any kind can be a large task.  There’s a lot to think about and coordinate, depending on the style you’re going for. However, specifically with a networking event, there are a few key points that you’ll want to hit in order to make it successful!

The Goal

If you’re new to networking; you’ll want to take some time to prepare a goal and understand the importance of the idea.  It’s not all shaking hands and eating snacks (although there is that too); but it’s more about connection, introduction, and maintaining long-lasting and professional relationships to help and support each other in your careers; no matter what that may be.


You’re going to want to seek out the best place for this event, considering easy access, trendiness, and professionalism. You wouldn’t want to have a networking event in an overcrowded loud bar where there are too many distractions.  Think about the people you’ll be inviting and their social status.  You want your guests to be comfortable, and catering to their needs is the best way to do that. 


Think about music; something upbeat but not overbearing will create an environment that encourages socialization. Music has a funny way of bringing people together and creating similar interests; or in the very least, something to talk about.  Don’t forget your lighting as well; you’ll want to create a soft glow that encourages a “homey” feel, but will still allow everyone to read each other’s business cards!

Food. Yes, everyone is going to want food.  Most people, in fact, only come to events like this for the food; so make sure it’s memorable.  You may want to talk to some caterer’s in your area and discuss your options.  Don’t forget that networking events tend to have much high class, professional business people; and chips and dip aren’t always going to enough.

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