Prepare For Your Event With Apps You Already Know!

You don't have to look no further! There are many apps available that can spice up your event or conference. It's all about how you apply apps that you may already use in everyday life.

1. Pinterest to create moodboards

You can use Pinterest to find some out of the box inspiration for your event. The app also serves as a great way to organise your ideas into a mood board! You can create multiple boards and share them with colleagues. You can also upload your own photo's or add links to websites. It is a fresh and creative approach to event planning.

2. Spotify for finding music

Always good to have a great playlist at hand. When people enter the conference space music will bring them into a relaxed or energetic state depending one what you play. Choose songs that accompany the mood you want to get your audience in. You can switch up instrumentals with songs where you actually hear the singer.

3. Cocktail flow for some fun!

At the end of the event it is time for some drinks. You can create some more inspired drinks apart from the usual wine by instructing the caterer to create some cocktails. If you have a smaller event gathering you and your team can also get creative!

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