Succeed With Social Media Management in 3 steps

1. Set a weekly goal

What you want to achieve with your social media posts can be different every week. From competitions to introducing a new product or service. Whatever you do make sure you focus on engagement. Engagement simply means that people interact with your posts, they like it, leave a comment or share it with others. This helps predetermine how likely your audience is to become paid customers.

2. Plan your content upfront

There is free and paid software you can use to plan your posts upfront. We use Hootsuite, which is handy to post on multiple platforms at the same time such as Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube but you can also use Planoly which is more focussed on making if visually appealing for platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. Planning content upfront helps you focus and ensures your fans get your messages on a consistent basis.

3. Check your analytics

With busy days and focus on creating engaging content, many marketeers and entrepreneurs forget that you need to check your analytics. It is like a compass that helps you steer the ship. Facebook, Instagram, Google they all have analytics build in with demographic information you can use to create a strategy that fits your goals.

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