The Future of Event Planning Is Changing

The event business keeps on evolving. Technology needs to be embraced in order to create a cutting edge experience for attendees. More and more solutions are being created to add more value.

Tech innovation

Seeing that technology proceeds faster, new gadgets are brought out that aim to improve an experience or to resolve a problem. Artificial intelligence as well as immersive technology, chatbots, facial recognition, in addition to increased personalisation are tech trends causing a change in the event sector.


Everything from AI-powered technology to beacons are there for a personalized experience. If people are at an event they want to be catered to and get the most value out of the experience. Think about things like: getting insight in the event program, communicating any last minute changes in real-time and using algorithms to help attendees connect with the right people.

Using Blockchain

Blockchain, technology that supports digital currencies such as Bitcoin, facilitates large amounts of transactions to be shared between diverse parties. From an event perspective, this technology could be used to validate registrations or to deal with attendees data. In this way the whole event industry could evolve in a different direction.

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