What To Do After Attending A Networking Event

We’ve talked about some tips for what to do when you attend a networking event, but what do you do afterwards? The key to getting any value is follow up! Here are 3 quick tips on how to get the most of of a networking event after you attend.

1. You have 24 hours

You get home with a purse or pocket full of new business cards and therefore new contacts. You have 24 hours to contact them. People tend to forget fast and also it keeps the momentum going when you just had a great conversation with someone.

2. How to follow up

So what do you write when you follow up? That depends entirely on the nature of your connection and the conversation you had.  If you simply had a nice interaction and didn’t see any reason to schedule a follow up, then send a LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram invite and remind your new contact where you met and say that it was great to meet them.

3. Take it one step further

If you felt like you have a contact or two who would be a great value to your new contact, send an introduction for them via email and/or offer to arrange a three-way meeting or lunch. Always look at new connections as someone whom you might be able to help, not about what they can do for you. This kind of thinking will open up a world of connections for you to people who are equally as generous and you’ll wonder why you ever looked at it any other way!

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